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[October 2003]

Ceramic Coating for Electrical Isolation

Aremco Products Inc (Valley Cottage, NY, USA) has announced the introduction of Cerama-Dip(tm) 538N which is described as a single part, water based, inorganic ceramic coating system used to electrically isolate high power ceramic resistors that generate high heat.

Aremco says that this advanced coating exceeds the temperature limitations of conventional epoxies, phenolics and silicones and can be used in applications as high as 1427C. The company added that exceptional electrical properties including a volume resistivity of 109 ohm-cm and dielectric strength of 225 volts per mil at room temperature are provided.

The coating is easily applied by dipping or brushing and cleans up prior to curing with warm water. Curing is accomplished by air drying at room temperature for 1-2 hours, then step curing at 93C and 175C for 1-2 hours, respectively. Since it is a water based system, it has minimal odour and contains no volatile organic compounds that may affect the environment. No outgassing will occur upon curing or during operation.



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