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[May 2004]

Kingwood Ceramics Closes

Due to the closing of Kingwood Ceramics Inc (East Palestine, OH, USA), all the machinery and equipment, furniture and fixtures are up for sale. Kingwood Ceramics was a manufacturer of cookware and giftware and the site is a large manufacturing facility, equipped with modern muller type ceramic mixing, pugmill extrusion, RAM pressing and jiggering, modern large capacity shuttle kiln firing and glazing machinery.

Everything in the facility is now being offered for sale by the Mohr Corporation under contract with, and under the direction of, the owners of Kingwood.

Potential buyers can contact Mohr to arrange inspection and purchase. All the machinery is being sold 'as is' and also 'where is' and removers are on site for dismantling, loading and packing to customer specifications and shipment to any location world-wide.



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